Jam Alley Write-up

There’s a lack of real music with real instruments played by real musicians at the moment. Call it loop madness, midi-lunacy, or just mediocrity, but everyone thinks they’re now entertainers.

RED HAND™ is a blues and jazz band with more years in music than most politicians have in politics. Brahm the percussionist, Des the Guitarist, and Mart the Bass player and vocalist have worked together for many years – playing gigs, recording and generally being muso’s. In 2000 the band’s new form began to take shape with the Power of the original blues suddenly and profoundly affecting the three. But with Blues and Jazz, comes the demand for wind instruments and keyboards. The 3 Piece Band has performed at Fashion Shows, Rave Events, Top Restaurants and Nightclubs, for Corporates, and together with jazz and blues bands at various events. They are a regular feature at the popular BLUES ROOM in Sandton.


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